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Embassy English 10 August 2018 - by Minouche Duval, Academic Manager, Embassy Brisbane

The Embassy Brisbane World Cup Competition

The World Cup is an exciting event and it is fascinating to hear the interactions between students when discussing famous players from their country and the goals they have scored. At Embassy Brisbane we currently have students from Korea, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia. All of these countries participated in the  2018 World Cup.

embassy brisbane world cup competition

Embassy held a competition to explore the passion of the World Cup and the ‘Beautiful Game’. Students were asked to create a video to express their feelings about the World Cup and were asked whether they thought this international championship could change the world.

In the corridors at Embassy you could hear conversations about Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi, Luka Modric, Harry Kane, Heung-Min Son, Kevin de Bruyne, Pavard, Shinji Kawagawa, Cavani , Suarez, Mohammed Salah, Sergio Ramos, Lloris, Antoine Griezmann, Pogba, James Rodriguez and Mbappe! There were also lots of tired eyes particularly after a big match like Colombia – Japan or Argentina – France and of course after the epic final!

Daniel created a video about what soccer and the World Cup means to him and won a whale watching trip and an Australian jersey.

Yesica described the World Cup by using the Star Wars theme and won a trip to Byron Bay with a surfing lesson.

Juan Diego described his personal story in his video “The Life of a Champion” and won a day trip to Moreton Island and an Australia jersey.

Nicolas had a really original focus in his presentation about ‘Reasons for not liking soccer’ and won a two for one pass to Moreton Island.

Sanghoon described his memories of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and how this ignited his interest. Sanhoon won a voucher for Jackpot Dining.

Yoon Ji created a presentation about the history of the World Cup and won a voucher for Jackpot Dining.

Angelica, Johanna and Paula shared their thoughts about the World Cup and won movie tickets to Five Star Cinemas.




The World Cup like an international language school such as Embassy brings together players or students from different countries as far apart as Argentina and Russia or Brazil and Belgium. One of the themes of the World Cup was “Our Differences Unite Us”. At Embassy we love the way students can meet friends from many nationalities and learn about different cultures while studying.

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