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Embassy English 26 January 2017 - by Mayana Magalhaes Simoes De Oliveira, Student, Embassy English

My Embassy Life: Mayana from Brazil at Embassy English

One of the greatest parts of being a student at Embassy English are the experiences. Students come to Embassy not only to improve their English language skills, but also to explore new parts of the world, to take part in… Read more…

Embassy English 27 November 2015 - by HSU Hsiao-Mei

My Study Tour in the USA San Francisco

Taiwanese Teacher HSU Hsiao-Mei looks back at her own personal diary entries from earlier this year to provide some fascinating highlights from her Study Tour in the USA.  One thing’s for sure, HSU Hsiao-Mei certainly left her heart in San Francisco!  … Read more…

Embassy English 24 November 2015 - by Laina Gardiner MacRae, Integrated Marketing Manager

What Does American Thanksgiving Mean? Turkeys, Families, and Shopping

“Something about eating a lot?” “November 26th?” “Shopping?” “Turkey?” “I don’t know…” We asked students from our Embassy English locations in the United States to tell us what they think the American Thanksgiving holiday is all about. Most of their… Read more…

Embassy English 30 October 2015 - by Laina Gardiner MacRae, Integrated Marketing Manager

Celebrating Halloween at Embassy English

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Embassy English because it offers our students the opportunity to show off their creativity, and it gives us the chance to plan the spookiest parties and scariest excursions. This year, Embassy English… Read more…

Embassy Goals 30 September 2015 - by Robert Runyon

How to speak English like an American

The United States is an incredibly large place. It’s big…really really big. It takes a six hour plane ride just to get from one side of to the other. With that kind of size, it’s no surprise there’s not only… Read more…

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