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Embassy English 21 March 2016 - by Alex Martinez, Student Services Assistant

Embassy Brighton Celebrates Kuwaiti Cultural Day

Embassy Brighton always offers programmes in which the students can learn from the diverse cultures and countries of their fellow students. This February, we organized a special event: celebration of the Kuwaiti Independence Day. We practiced English while learning about… Read more…

Embassy English 19 March 2016 - by John McQuaid, Director of US Summer Schools for Embassy

Embassy Summer: Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Summer is a time for fun, adventure, and friends. When students join Embassy Summer, they will create these amazing memories while learning English too! And when you join Embassy Summer as part of our inspiring leadership team, you too will have enriching… Read more…

Embassy English 29 January 2016 - by Lisa Cameron, ELICOS Teacher, Embassy English Gold Coast

The Story Behind the Photo: Gold Coast, Australia

Do you want to know what student life is really like at our Embassy English Schools? Let’s look at some of the intriguing pictures our schools post on social media from around the world, and dig a little deeper to find out the… Read more…

Embassy English 30 October 2015 - by Laina Gardiner MacRae, Integrated Marketing Manager

Celebrating Halloween at Embassy English

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Embassy English because it offers our students the opportunity to show off their creativity, and it gives us the chance to plan the spookiest parties and scariest excursions. This year, Embassy English… Read more…

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