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Embassy Alumni 13 July 2016 - by Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, Student, Embassy English Melbourne

Alfredo’s Last Day at Embassy Melbourne

Ángela Carolina Botero Zuluaga, our newest student blogger, has been working as a journalist in her home country of Colombia, she knew that in order to achieve her goals of taking her career to the next level, she needed to improve her… Read more…

Embassy Alumni 5 July 2016 - by Kanako Hanayama, Student, Embassy English London

Embassy Alumni: Kanako from Japan Remembers Embassy London

Hello guys! My name’s Kanako and I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I studied in Embassy London for about 4 months. I’ve never written a blog – not even in Japanese! – but in my experience it helps you, and if it helps… Read more…

Embassy English 14 June 2016 - by Jiyoo Yoo, Student, Embassy English London

Embassy Alumni: Jiyoo from South Korea Remembers Embassy London

Jiyoo studied English at Embassy London for 3 months in 2015. When Jiyoo arrived from South Korea, she was an Intermediate English student. and at the end of her course she was in the Upper-Intermediate class.  Tell us about yourself!… Read more…

Embassy English 1 June 2016 - by Jorge Luís Ovando Sosa, Student, Embassy English Toronto

Embassy Alumni: Jose from Mexico Remembers Embassy Toronto

Jorge Luís Ovando Sosa arrived in Toronto from Mexico in April 2015, and studied at Embassy Toronto for six months.  From the time he arrived, he instantly made friends, and immediately made a positive impression on his teachers.  He was a model student,… Read more…

Embassy English 13 May 2016 - by Serkan Durmaz, Student, Embassy English London

Embassy Alumni: Serkan from Turkey Remembers Embassy London

Serkan studied at Embassy London for 7 months, he graduated in March 2016. When he arrived he started in the Intermediate Class, he then spent time in Upper-Intermediate and finally went on to be one of the strongest students in… Read more…

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